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At the south easternmost edge of Greek dominion, spreads out the calm and beauty of Kastellorizo. The islands lies 72 miles east of Rhodes, 328 nautical miles from the port of Piraeus and only 2 kms from the Turkish coastline. Its total surface is 9 sq. kms, its coastline is 19 kms and it has a population of 450 inhabitants. On this small island that beholds a glorious past, you will truly feel you are standing right on the trade crossroad of Europe and Asia, as the Asian coastline is only 2 nautical miles away. Kastellorizo is an island with a rich nautical tradition that explains the noble air about the island that reflects its part glory and prosperity. Kastellorizo is the harbor and only settlement of the island and it is said that it is the best natural port of the Mediterranean. All of the islands inhabitants are gathered here, in the little districts of Pigadia, Chorafia and the little picturesque port of Mandraki.


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