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Ζαγοροχώρια, Ήπειρος

Aristi Mountain Resort is a complex of stone buildings embodied within the traditional village of Aristi, across from the Towers of Astraka  and above theVoidomati River and Vikos Gorge.

Ιt is built of local stone and in the traditional manner of the area, it sits on the highest point of Aristi village and affords visitors a breathtaking view over the Vikos Gorge, the Towers  of Papingo and the Astraka mountain peak.

The resort is accessible by automobile and private parking is provided near the main lobby entrance. Guests can reach the picturesque village square with its huge plane tree and spring fountain by foot if they wish using the hotels scenic walking path.

The hotel has full Spa facilities, and offers its guests the luxury of being in immediate contact with nature while enjoying extraordinary services.


More information about the hotel

Aristi Mountain Resort is classified as CLASS B according to the environmental criterias of GreenHotels group. This classification implies that the hotel is making a major effort to protect the environment, save energy and natural resources, throughout the adoption of intelligent methods and practices for hotel’s management. However, there is room for further development and optimization so as the hotel to operate at a more ecological way and making this environmental management practices known at their customers.

Aristi Mountain Resort in cooperation with the alternative recreational tourism companies NO LIMITS ( and COMPASS ( recommends a variety of outdoor activities throughout the surrounding region.

  • Rafting on the Voidomatis river
  • Horse Riding
  • Kayak lessons
  • Jeep safaris
  • Short and long distance hiking
  • Rock and mountain climbing up the Gamila Mountain peaks and to the Drakolimni Lake

Meet the owner and ask him about the area and his ecological concerns. Enjoy your stay.


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