Energy Saving
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Regarding to the criteria of Energy Saving, GreenHotels’ team, examines the following parameters at each one of its candidate hotels members:

  1. Make use of renewable energy sources
  2. Use of energy- efficient light bulbs at hotel area, both interior and exterior
  3. Installing motion detector sensors, time clocks or photocells at public spaces of the hotel to ensure that the lights are on, only for the time period that is needed
  4. Installing thermostatic controls and time clocks in the guest rooms and at the public spaces of the hotel for monitoring and autonomy of the heating and cooling system
  5. Use of room-based keycards so as to operate the energy control unit - lighting, heating or cooling
  6. Make use of Energy efficient electric and electronic equipment (Energy Class A)
  7. Adequate thermal insulation of the hotel unit
  8. Providing information both to employees and to customers about how to save energy through edited notices around the hotel unit
  9. Keep the files of the maintenance records of the hotel updated


The total score of each hotel in this criterion depends on and is calculated by the number and the nature of the above parameters which are being satisfied by hotel.

The maximum total score in “Energy Saving” for each hotel is 30.

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