Hotel's Waste Management
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European Union produces 2 billion tons of waste per year, some of them really hazardous. This quantity is being constantly increased through the years passing. Storage of waste is not a viable solution, and their destruction is not a good option as it involves very dense and polluting residues. The best solution remains the prevention of creating such wastes and moreover the recycle of the product’s components, where solutions are ecologically and economically sustainable.

Is has been estimated that at the hotel industry each resident produces daily 1 kg / day of waste. This quantity is very important and should be managed appropriately. The aim is to introduce the rule 4R (Reduce - Reuse - Recycle - Replenish), to reduce the waste production, to recycle, to recover and to reuse. 30% of hotel waste can be recovered and recycled.

A typical example is a hotel chain in Scandinavia, which separates waste into 22 different categories.



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