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GreenHotels is the first network of Greek Eco Hotels. By the term "Eco Hotels" we refer to those hotels which are committed to environmental management and aim at:

  • Water saving
  • Waste reduction
  • Establishing Recycling Policies
  • Minimizing their Energy Footprint (ie the amount of carbon dioxide which is emitted at the atmosphere by everyday activities that require energy consumption)
  • Offering Biological and Local products to their guests
  • Using Renewable Energy Sources
  • Building an Environmental Culture and communicating it to staff and guests

Every day, more and more hotels in Greece are embracing green tourism and are establishing an environmental management system. We, the GreenHotels team, are giving you the opportunity to track the Eco Hotels in your favorite destinations of Greece, through our constantly updated database. The hotels classification has been based on selected criteria and management policies that have been proposed by the International Tourism Partnership, ITP, which works to promote the highest possible standards of environmental and social management and responsible business practices within the tourism industry.

We, the GreenHotels team, we are COMMITTED TO SUSTAINABILITY and INNOVATION.


* Greenhotels is not a certification or award



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