Water Saving
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Regarding to the criteria of Water Saving, GreenHotels’ team, examines the following parameters at each one of its candidate hotels members:

  1. Hotel’s water supply is derived by legal licensed source or/and the public network
  2. Towel and sheet re-use program
  3. Established water consumption system in the building in order to be detected and repaired immediately even the slightest leak
  4. Make use of water- saving technologies at the bathrooms: i.e. self- closing percussion or push taps that close automatically after a limited period of time, toilets with a dual flush option, shower heads which incorporate a vacuum flow valve that aerates and compacts the water, etc.
  5. Communicate to both staff and customers the water saving technologies that are being used
  6. Continuous observation of the quality of the drinkable water


The total score of each hotel in this criterion depends on and is calculated by the number and the nature of the above parameters which are being satisfied by hotel.

The maximum total score in “Water Saving” for each hotel is 18.


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