Eleonas Agrotouristic Guesthouse blank
Ροβιές, Εύβοια

Eleonas, the Greek olive grove, stands on a hill surrounded by trees planted 100 years ago by owners family, in the fertile and naturally sheltered river delta.

Eleonas guesthouse consists of five charmingly equipped and decorated ground floor double bed rooms with garden and five twin bed first floor rooms with balcony.

Moreover, the hotel has its own restaurant, a children's activity center in a wooden cabin a study corner with a small library, even a loom to try your hand at weaving! The accommodation has been designed to be relaxed, informal, contemporary and of the highest quality, maximizing the advantages of the beautiful rural setting.

Eleonas is a 3-hour car journey from Athens and 4-hour from Thessaloniki.

Eleonas guesthouse is classified at CLASS C according to the criteria by GreenHotels team.

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Stefanos and Marina Vallis will be your hosts. enjoy your stay


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