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Rethymno, Crete, Greece, Rethymno, Crete, Greece


Axos is a cozy and pleasant apartment hotel, in a beautiful location and with a great variety of services. The hotel is highly recommended as an alternative for those who want to explore majestic Rethymno and its surroundings but don't want to be confined within the city. Its name comes from the village AXOS where the family that runs the hotel comes from, works since 1989 and been fully renovated in 2009. It is built in an L shape that encloses the pool and garden. There is also a gift/gold shop near the entrance where guests can benefit from an exclusive discount on every purchase. Axos is located in Platanias which is the most well known seaside village for the holidaymakers with restaurants, supermarkets, bars, stores with clothes or souvenirs and with a very good bus and taxi transport. To its guests it offers free Internet at the public areas (lobby, pool, bar) (Wi-Fi) or they can use the PC provided there for you and its target is the friendly atmosphere since it is a Family Run hotel.

Axos hotel offers 44 Studios and Apartments that recently have been renovated (2009). Modern furnishing, spacious rooms and big balconies suitable decorated in a pleasant atmosphere. All rooms are equipped with central heating, self controlled air-condition, balcony, satellite Flat Screen TV, direct telephone line, radio, cooker with 2 rings, microwave, kitchen kettle, coffee & tea making facilities, refrigerator, toaster, coffee maker, wake up service, hair dryer, bath tabs and very relaxing bed mattresses with ISO certifications for you to enjoy.  In addition, for those who may ask for more Axos offers some Superior rooms with some extra facilities such us DVD with USB input, safe boxes in laptop size, daily changing linen, bathroom amenities, bathrobes and sleepers.


Axos hotels is an ECO CLASS C hotel. It also holds a GREEN KEY award for its environmental actions. Hotel’s operation is based on widely accepted methods of environmental protection and energy and natural resources saving. Nevertheless, hotel’s managers do not communicate effectively their program neither to customers nor to their staff and/ or methods that are being applied to, lag of effectiveness.

Some of our Environmental actions include the following:

  • The Management has appointed an environmental manager.
  • We have information material to the rooms on how visitors can help the environment while staying at the hotel.
  • We have changed all the lights in the rooms with energy saving light bulbs. It uses less electricity than standard bulbs to do the same job (except the public areas).
  • We have putted a special bin for the used batteries in the reception area.
  • We have replaced all the batteries with recharged ones for all the remote controls of the rooms: TV, DVD, Air Condition.
  • Smoking is not allowed in hotels public spaces.
  • We use friendly to the environment detergents.
  • We use a special jacket for the hot water tank in order to save at list 20% energy.
  • Hot water pipes are integrally isolated.
  • We have arranged the water flow from showers and kitchens not to exceed more than 9 litres per minute.
  • We use special mechanisms on balcony doors and windows to save electric energy from the air-conditions.
  • We have putted to all the rooms recycle bags for paper, plastic and aluminium.
  • We use Key-cards in the rooms for electricity.
  • We have replaced all of the TVs in the rooms with certificated low energy ones.
  • We have installed motion detector sensors in most of the public areas to ensure that the lights are on, only for the time period that is needed.
  • We train the staff on environmental management.
  • We use and promote local products from local suppliers.


The owners suggestion is the Cretan diet - Stop looking for the pill which substitutes for the Cretan diet. There is no such thing. ‘’Serge Renaud, 1998’’

Crete Island is famous for its tasty and absolutely healthy cuisine. Cretan diet is a representative example of the well known Mediterranean diet and has a long tradition. Cretans include in their diet agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, dairy, grasses, legumes, horticultural and bread. This diet is the secret of their health. The olive oil is a basic ingredient of Cretan cuisine, which protects the heart and all vital body organs. You should try the local wine, from the enormous Cretan vineyards, as well as the local raki (tsikoudia), both of which supplement Cretan dinner very well. You can also find spicy cheese and the Cretan rusks of high quality, superior taste and great nutritional value. Meat has a small part in Cretan diet, fish and fish soups however are present more in the Cretan meal. Finally, great elements of the Cretan diet are the sweets, made by local honey, which is produced in an absolutely natural way. Indicatively in the prefecture of Chania, but also in entire Crete, you can try the delicacies presented below:

Chochlius: snails that are cooked in a lot of ways, either boiled in salt water with onions and tomato sauce and are titbits for raki, or fried in olive oil, with vinegar and rosemary.
Kakkavia: is the tastiest fish soup that you have ever tried! It includes fish (every fish you can imagine), a lot of lemon, olive oil, potatoes and onions for unique perfume.
Ahinosalata (echinus salad): even if it is an expensive titbit in order to accompany a glass of raki, it is worth trying.
Dakos: it is a snack made by barley bread, soaked in water and vinegar, which is accompanied with small pieces of tomato, garlic and onion, and feta cheese.
Apaki: smoked meat, usually lamb.
Ofto: meat cooked in earthen utensil and fried non pilled potatoes. Staka: dairy product, a kind of butter, custard from fresh milk that is used in many dishes.
Gamopilafo: it is the most famous Cretan dish, a kind of risotto, cooked with sauce from meat and staka.
Cheeses: mizithra, anthotyro, Cretan gruyere.
Kaltsounia: sweet snack with Cretan honey of exceptional quality.
Bougatsa: special sweet. It is a kind of pie, such as the cheese pie, that includes custard cheese and sugar.


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