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Φολέγανδρος Κυκλάδες, Κυκλάδες

Nestled at the fringe of Hora, within walking distance from its central square, Themonies Luxury Suites, harmonious blend of the traditional and the new, serenely overlooks the city, the Monastery and, further in the horizon, the Aegean.

A complete agricultural stone complex of the late 19th century, with its intact “aloni”, was renovated with great respect and amplified with three new stone buildings, to form a contemporary high quality hotel for the discerning traveler.

Five independent, fully equipped residences, each totally unique in its layout, design and character, as well as a central building, compose a sophisticated setting of carefully crafted luxury and modern comfort. The visitor relaxes, in an atmosphere of “Cycladic Zen”.

In this captivating homely retreat, we are devoted to providing warm hospitality and to offering memorable personal moments to our guests.


The hotel Themonies Luxury Suites is classified as CLASS B according to the environmental criterias of GreenHotels group. This classification implies that the hotel is making a major effort to protect the environment, save energy and natural resources, throughout the adoption of intelligent methods and practices for hotel’s management. However, there is room for further development and optimization so as the hotel to operate at a more ecological way and making this environmental management practices known at their customers.




  • Τhe buildings follow the principles of bioclimatic architecture: The size and orientation of the openings, as well as the 60 to 110 centimeter stone walls, allow for natural lighting and airing and for stable temperature levels
  • The new low height cubic buildings are positioned in a way that, they do not impose on the existing Τhemonies and the landscape, but also they interrelate harmoniously with them
  • The stone comes from nearby excavation – blending ideally with the environment – and has been built in accordance with the local techniques
  • Ecological paints have been used everywhere, allowing for the natural respiration of the buildings
  • The openings frames provide high level of sound-, thermo-, and air-insulation, thus contributing to healthier living conditions as well as substantial savings on A/C usage
  • The outdoor lights have been discretely positioned, in order to form the lowest number possible and to preserve the simplicity of the place
  • With great respect for the ambience of the old buildings, the ceiling timber of “feides”, originating from the rare, nowadays, Cycladic bush, were carefully restored, without being removed
  • Xeric or low water consumption landscaping, selected from the local flora, has been installed


Further care for water consumption reduce

  • Rain water collection tanks have been constructed, to provide water for plant watering or for cleaning
  • The original “sterna” (water tank) of the complex of Themonies has been preserved and is being used
  • Water supply has been set lower than 10 lt/min (Ecolabel certification requirement)
  • Sheets and towels reuse option for two night stays is in policy
  • The water boiler is supplied with thermostat and water circulation automation system


Further care for energy conservation

  • Electricity supply systems cards have been installed in all apartments: when guests leave the apartment, electricity shuts down
  • Energy efficient lighting is being utilized in all outdoor and parking areas, as well as in selected places in central building and suites
  • A/C interruption automation system has been installed in all suites’ doors and windows


Property care and cleaning

  • Environmentally friendly chemicals are used in cleaning
  • Environmentally friendly detergents are used for laundry
  • Entire property is non-smoking
  • Linen and cotton bedding and towels are utilized


Public and personnel information

  • Guests are informed of environmental initiatives at check-in
  • We promote our eco-initiatives via our web, our brochures and the media
  • We train our staff to implement, evaluate and improve environmental performance


Reduce - Reuse

  • Whenever possible, we follow the “reuse – reduce” practice – since there is no infrastructure for recycling on Folegandros yet
  • We recycle the batteries (out of the island)
  • When possible, we send hotel leaflets in electronic way (pdf) rather than paper
  • We reuse printer printouts for notes
  • We preferably purchase supplies that can be reused (reuse soft drink and beer glass bottles,
  • We purchase fresh and local traditional products to include in our breakfast options
  • We do not make use of products in individual packaging for breakfast
  • We only use non-disposable products (except for paper napkins) in servings
  • We only use bulk soap in both public and private areas, and we provide bath amenities in larger packaging (350 ml)
  • Our proficient bar list includes, when possible, Greek products


Hotel contribution το "sense of place"

  • Through the preservation οf an original 19th century agricultural unit, which provides valuable information on past economic and social structures
  • Through the revival of the old complex of Τhemonies into a completely functional, contemporary hub of life
  • Through hotel architecture, which embraces the philosophy of simplicity and measure, characterizing Folegandros
  • Through the organization of the complex around a central “square”, as a reminder of the traditional social needs of the island
  • Through staff devotion towards the essence of hospitality, that has made Folegandros so beloved to so many faithful friends


Fervent devotees of the enchanting island since 1987, the property owners acquired this piece of land as they were captivated by the unpretentious beauty of the old stone structures emerging from the rock, as well as by the scenic view of Hora in front of them.

The idea to create an exclusive retreat began to materialize with the renovation of the old buildings and their integration with the newer stone structures, so as to create a harmonious settlement, Themonies Luxury Suites.



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