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Welcome to KeaVillas

In the capital of Kea, with a magnificent view of the Aegean sea

At the top of Ioulida, the chora of Kea, are built KeaVillas private houses according to the local architectural style of the Cyclades, where visitors can enjoy a unique view of the chora, the Aegean islands and the breathtaking sunset. Walking through the cobblestone pavements, just in a few minutes you can reach the village square where you can visit the Archaeological Museum, the local market and taste local delicacies.

Self-catering villas designed with high aesthetics

KeaVillas are built based on the principles of bioclimatic architecture, showing respect both to their guests and the environment. In the balconies guests will experience unique moments of tranquility, enjoying the blue horizon stretching off to infinity, while the swimming pool of the villa compound will offer them cool, refreshing moments before or after their strolls to the magical beaches of the island. There are three types of villas available for weekly rental, designed with high aesthetics and providing spacious and comfortable accommodation to 2 up to 6 people.

One breath away from the most beautiful beaches of the island


KeaVillas private houses, built in Ioulida, the islandʼs capital, are located only 15 minutes away from the most wonderful beaches of the island.

Kea Villas are classified as ECO CLASS B for our GreenHotels network.


We provide all necessary information to our guests regarding the pathways to all important historical sites around the island. We provide all necessary information to our guests regarding the pathways of the island urging them to walk and discover its beauties on foot. Alternatively, we offer our guests the opportunity to tour around the island using a bicycle.


Activities around KeaVillas

Chora - Ioulida

Ancient Ioulida (Julida or Julis) was one of the four cities that flourished in antiquity. The four cities were Ioulida, Karthaia, Korissia and Piiessa.

The Archaeological Museum of Kea
Here you will have the opportunity to see unique exhibits that have been found in excavations in important historical sites all around the island. The exhibits that stand out are the marble protocycladic statuettes from the prehistoric settlement of Aghia Irini (St Irene), in Vourkari, the headless statue of Nike (meaning “victory”) and the famous Kouros (statue of a youth) of Kea, which were found in the excavations in Karthaia.

In the south-east of Kea are found the remnants of the ancient city of Karthaia, which was one of the four most important cities of the island during the ancient times, autonomous and having its own coin. A large part of its fortification is still extant today. Access on this area is possible by the sea or walking along the ancient path which begins in Katomeria.

Walking Paths
Kea is the ideal place for nature lovers and hikers. The cobbled pathways, 36 km long, were part of the road network connecting the cities-states in the past. Today there are 8 historical footpaths guiding the visitors through Kea’s unparalleled natural and historic riches longing to reveal the island’s secret charms. Every trail has been marked with white and red signs stating the destination and each one has a distinct historical and naturalist interest, gracing the visitors with images of incomparable natural beauty.

Settlements - Villages

Korissia, the natural port of Kea, has been built on top of the ancient city of Korissos. Taking the pathway from Chora, you can’t help but notice the chimney and the exhibits of the historical Emage (enamel) factory, the only greek factory producing enamelware which operated from 1927 to 1957 playing an important part in the financial and social life of the island’s residents.

Vourkari, one breath away from the port, maintains its traditional character and color and constitutes a tourist anchorage for many sailing boats and leisure yachts. There you can enjoy tasting local treats, savoring local cuisine in the tavernas by the sea, visiting art galleries and folk art and souvenir shops. At night the scenery changes and you will enjoy atmospheric moments sipping your drink in the bars by the sea whilst taking in a beautiful sea view. In Katomeria, where the farming and cattle-raising activities of the island are concentrated, you will find many picturesque little tavernas where you will relish local specialties. It is also the starting point if you want to visit Karthaia, following the historical footpath. Leaving Chora and travelling to the west, at 10 km, you will reach the plain of Poisses where you will find a beautiful and hospitable settlement with access to a magnificent long sandy beach, built on top of the ancient Piiessa.

Driving west of Chora you will find Koundouros, at 15 km from Ioulida, where the stone mills stand still capturing your gaze. There is also a cosmopolitan, well organized beach filled with restaurants and bars.


Kea’s beaches unequivocally go hand in hand with the distinct morphology of the island. From one side of the island to the other one can meet windless coves with deep blue waters rewarding those who wish to discover them. Kaliskia, Liparo, Spathi, Sykamia, Kalydonyhi are only some of those. For those visitors who can’t live without comfort, there are certainly various organized beaches equipped with deck chairs and umbrellas next to the settlements, for example Otzia, Koundouros, Pisses and Yaliskari.

Festivities & Events

Fairy Tales Festival

The Fairy Tales Festival held every summer with fairy tale narratives and many creative events such as musical concerts, theatrical performances, lectures, seminars and workshops will make a great impression on you. It is a series of events for both kids and adults with the participation of famous narrators taking place in various locations all around the island such as ancient pathways, beaches, archaeological sites, church courtyards, picturesque alleys and village squares.


The existence of a chapel in each corner of Kea is not at all random. The villagers organize festivals on every possible occasion. Each year there is a big festival held in the 15th of August for the celebration of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary in the monastery of Kastriani.

Cooking Lessons
During summer you can participate in Greek cuisine cooking lessons organized by the known
journalist and author Aglaia Kremezi.

Ceramics & Pottery courses
Ceramics & pottery courses with master sculptor Vicky Sneider. Small groups, mixed levels, beginners welcome.

Meet the owner and ask him for any detail about your holiday. Enjoy your time.


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