Thalassa Beach Resort: Environmental Program
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Environment is anything we see, hear, breath, smell and feel. Environment can not be separated to "mine" and "yours". Respecting the environment is everybody's obligation.

Blue & Green is the environmental program of Thalassa Beach Resort. A program, live as the environment: Based on basic rules but always improving always updating. It exists to remind us the balance between high quality services and respect to the environment.

The goal of Blue & Green program is a cleaner environment. This can be achieved by the following steps:

Minimization of the consumptions of all forms of energy & material
Use of alternative forms of energy
Recycle of material and waste
Minimization of waste production
Cleaner Environment

In the Blue & Green booklet we list what we at Thalassa Beach Resort do to achieve this goal. We also advise our guests how they can help on this during their stay with us and how everyone can help for a cleaner environment through everyday actions.

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