In which of the following aspects do you believe Greek organized beaches need improvement?
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  • Accessibility of disabled people      93% said yes
  • First aid    93% said yes
  • Hygiene, WC    89%said yes
  • Signing / information and setting up "zones"    71% said yes
  • Car Parking     68% said yes
  • Quality of food and snaks    57% said yes
  • water sports / water games    46% said yes

Full survey results are coming really soon. However, the survey is still open. If you want your opinion to be included in the final results just follow the link "WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ABOUT BEACHES IN GREECE?”


Do you want to know more ?

Greenhotels and CTL-CONSULT with and a global network of sustainability professionals have developed THE CLEANBLUE approach. THE CLEANBLUE presents a range of tangible benefits for clients including:

• A neat way to implement mitigation measures to reduce beach risk;
• A unique opportunity to market tourist beaches as being as “safe as reasonably practicable”, in turn, enhancing the reputation and image of a specific beach;
• An opportunity to introduce cost recovery mechanisms through sponsorship deals;
• An opportunity to reduce the loss of economic revenue linked to bad press or media coverage;
• “Peace of mind” on the ability to demonstrate duty of care for your beach environment.

All resort beaches should be managed this way.



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